Prolem outputting special characters in JSON

It’s frustrating that Hugo can’t handle special characters in something important like Json.

Isn’t that one of the most important things?

plus signs, apostrophe signs can’t be handled in json. When will this be fixed?

Dan + Shay I keep getting this

<script type="application/ld+json">{ "name": "Dan \x2b Shay" }</script>

First you need to be POLITE when posting in this forum.

This is not a place for you to vent.

Second see today’s bug fix release and check if it fixes the issue.
There was an upstream bug in Go.

If your issue is not solved then perhaps you should share a sample repo that reproduces the issue for us to see the context of the templates

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Hi sorry, I was just very frustrated because it’s a known issue, since a previous release. I googled about it.

But I’m wondering when it will be fixed.

Did you check with today’s release?

I just upgraded to the newest version of Hugo.

It’s still not working…

Now Dan + Shay is changed to “Dan \u002b Shay” … instead of “Dan \x2b Shay”

Well then \u002b is the Unicode for the + sign and that is just as good for SEO.

Search Engines’ crawlers will understand perfectly well that character code.

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thank you so much :slight_smile: i just pasted it in the Google Rich Results tester and it works!

I’m very very happy :slight_smile:

Sorry for the frustrating post lol

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