Json linebreaks in .Content

I suspect a bug: the Json output generates a linebreak for .Content

my item.json.json looks like this:
“title”: “{{ .Title }}”,
“date”: “{{ .Date }}”,
“type”: “{{ .Type }}”,
“content”: “{{ .Content | plainify }}”,
“permalink”: “{{ .RelPermalink }}”,

and all items for .Content end with the closing apostrophe along with the comma on a new line. This causes my javascript JSON.parse to complain.

A similar issue was raised here

but he somehow managed to fix his data. I tried using trim on .Content but that did not prevent this.

Hugo 0.75.1

The last comma is not valid JSON. Post what exactly JSON.parse complains about and it will probably be that.

By the way: try jsonify:

{{ .Content | jsonify | safeJS }}

This might help with encoding special characters (like linebreaks).

Ah sorry that comma I fixed. I was trying to see whether the position of the .Content line had some effect but it did not. JSON.parse complaint message is this:

Uncaught SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal at line 12 column 336 of the JSON data

where the literal is indeed a line break. If I add jsonify then it generates extra commas:
“content”: ““Agra is home …centuries.\n””

The standard data is output like this (i.e. a line break):
"Agra is home … centuries.

I also tried {{ substr .Content 0 -2 | plainify }} to get rid of the line break but that was not allowed:
error calling substr: calculated start position greater than end position: 0 > -2

Odd as the latter comes straight from the docs and I am pretty sure it works in a regular template layout

I solved my problem a different way: I replaced the line break using javascript just before json.parse


That takes the pressure off though of course the issue is still there.

I thought we were talking about a linebreak inside of text. if it’s at the end, there is trim for it:

yes! This solved the issue:

{{ trim (.Content | plainify ) “\n” }}

It appeared that the plainify was actually the culprit.
Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

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