Joomla to Hugo site conversion utility


I’ve decided to move a moderately sized site over to Hugo from Joomla, at the moment I have not got the site live.

However, I have a conversion facility written in Java that gets all of the categories, tags and content out of the database, structuring it into directories that match the categories in Joomla. Leaving only the template, static content and plugins / extensions to be processed manually.

Although it is a bit rough and ready, it may save someone doing a Joomla conversion considerable time. It is hosted on

If the SEO friendly option was selected in Joomla, then the URLs that are generated on publishing should match up out of the box. It also cleans up any internal links and introtext descriptions. Once I get my site fully live, I’ll update and I guess at that point it can be considered complete.

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Thanks for sharing this conversion utility. Since it can be useful to others as well I added it to the “tools section” in the docs.

I’ve now got the conversion utility to a point where it converts my site with few issues. I’d be comfortable with others trying it now. For comparison, my site has nested categories (3 deep), about 50 or so tags and about 150 or so fairly long pages. Once I have it up, which should be any time now, I will reply with a link so people can try it.

Nearly all content should be converted by default, it creates nested menu items based on the menu demo here:

I’m not saying that this is perfect, and you end up with menu entries in the front matter, but to be honest it’s quite low maintenance, and if a better solution comes along, it could soon be changed.