Migrate non-blog area of a wordpress site to hugo

Note - I’m trying to post this in services but can’t seem to (privileges?)

My funded startup has a website and blog in wordpress. We’re interested in migrating the non-blog section of the site (~30 pages) to Hugo. There’s a decent amount of re-used content from page to page.

Ideally you can also help us setup a GitHub action to build and deploy it to s3 on merge into main/master.

It’s a responsive site with forms as well, so ideally you have experience with recommended form systems too.

This is to be a paid engagement, ideally with ongoing work with new features.

Please DM me for more details!

Hi Matt ,
Could you please share the store url.
I have experience working on GitHub and Bitbucket

Looking forward to you response

Good Day

FYI I’m currently working moving away from WordPress as well (though a lot less to my sites than yours it sounds like) and am in the process of updating the exitwp-for-hugo Python script to use Python3 and to convert more of what’s on in WordPress export XML file to a useful Hugo format. It should be in at least somewhat usable form in the coming week. You could see if that gives you enough of a starting point to save some time when doing your conversion. (I’ll post a link here when ready, if you are interested).

Hi Matthew,
Are you still looking for developer for assistance ?
If yes please let me know for further discussion

Troy w

I’ve started a topic for my initial version of a convertor (open sources, Apache 2.0 licensed).

Hi Matthew,

Is there any update for me ?

Troy w

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