Looking for a contractor to convert a static site to Hugo

Hi, I have a static html site I need converted to Hugo. I was looking to post this in “services” but the site won’t let me as I’m a new users.

We have a website of about 35 static HTML pages, which you can see here:

There is no blog, so the site structure is primarily a bunch of HTML pages that are linked together, with a standard header and footer. We have several things that we would like to accomplish is phases:

Phase 1. Convert current site to Hugo by April 10th keeping the following in mind:

-we don’t use Gulp or any other type of complex toolkit. Our GitHub repository is just unminified .js and .css. Minification happens server side at Netlify.com when we deploy the server.

  • We will need a sitemap

Phase 2. Create Google Amp Pages
We would like to create simple google amp pages for our site using the Hugo Amp starter theme.

These don’t need to be super fancy, just get the content to users quickly and look professional. Our pages are mostly text and a hero image. We have a bunch of forms, but we will just link out to them from the amp page, rather than attempting to build them in amp.

Phase 3. Generate Data Driven Pages

We have a CSV file that has information about 45,000 U.S. cities and states. We would like to machine generate a lot of content (a few hundred thousand pages) using Hugo’s data driven content feature.

I would prefer to work on a platform like Upwork or Freelancer so we’re both protected. Our company doesn’t have a freelancer account, but have paid contractors for thousands of hours on Upwork (and good feedback).

Hi! did you get your project going? I’d like to help if you still need support! thank you - Greg

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