New Menu 404's if no content found

Hey there,

Just wasted an hour trying to debug something and I wanted to confirm it was intended behavior. I take a standard Hugo template and add a new item to Menu.toml:

	Name = "portfolio"
	Title = "Projects I've done"
	URL = "/portfolio"

Then make a new test page using hugo new portfolio/ This is currently saved as a draft. To see if things are working, I run the local server and check if /portfolio/ loads. It doesn’t, and 404’s. If I change my first post from draft to finished, everything works as expected.

Is this intended? I assumed the correct behavior would be to just present an empty ListPage with no entries (I believe Taxonomies do this currently).

This is the wrong way starting a new thread expecting other people to “waste” their time to help you.

The problem you describe have nothing to do with standard Hugo functionality. I suspect this is a theme issue. This looks like a theme @digitalcraftsman might know about. I suggest you take bring this to the theme author’s attention on the theme’s issue tracker on GitHub.

Sorry for the tone, was up late and got frustrated with terminology. I definitely did get lost between standard Hugo and theme default, I’ll be sure to reference the Theme author directly. Thanks

Without further information I can only guess. As @bep suggested please contact the theme maintainer on GitHub who has a more profound knowledge about the theme that you’re using.