Hugo not creating a new page

I’ve created a new page under /content like so:

title: "Test page"
date: 2019-02-21T13:06:28Z
type: page
slug: "tester"

I am using the development server, when I try to access I get a 404 not found. I’ve followed the docs to no avail, and also found a SO post that also doesn’t work:

Since you’re using hugo server, the base URL will be localhost:1313, not your production URL. So try hitting localhost:1313/tester first.

When you run hugo server, it will print the host/port at the bottom of the console output.

That stackoverflow question was asked in 2015, but be wary. Refer to the official docs for up-to-date info.

I left out the localhost bit, but yes that’s what I already do.

It has something to do with the theme. I have had this problem in the past. I’ll solve it don’t worry.

Got it. Forgot to modify the blank single.html layout under _default for the theme I am creating. Problem solved.