How do I preserve linebreaks when using getJSON?

Data provided to getJSON:

Data renders as this:
items: item1 item2 item3

I would like it to render as this:

I guess I don’t know how to make sure that the regex isn’t escaped.

Piping getJSON to safeHTML didn’t help. I get an error the following error:
<safeHTML>: wrong type for value; expected string; got map[string]interface {}

No matter how I try to display the data, it’s always filtered.

If you have any other ways to accomplish what I am trying to render, I’d like to hear it.


Is that your actual JSON?

I would suggest you look into the JSON spec. Hugo should be compliant. We use the buil-in decoder from Go’s stdlib.

I realized my error. This is not a problem with Hugo or Go templates. I was not aware regular expressions were ignored/filtered in HTML.

I am working around this by providing Hugo with HTML in that JSON field, instead of plain text or markdown. It’s actually a better solution than what I was trying.

That’s just the relevant field. The JSON is formatted properly. I just misunderstood how that field’s data is rendered in HTML. Thanks anyway!