International Relations Encyclopedia Project

Hi: Just wanted to show off my new project. I’m not a professional designer, rather a self-taught amateur. BA, MA in International Relations. Hence, making a place for students and others alike for quick access to important information.

Also, wanted to say a thank you to the creators of such a nice tool as Hugo. So far, Hugo has allowed me to implement all the ideas that I initially had, and I’m sure, will allow me to implement many more.

I like that Hugo is like clay; you can make anything from simple stuff to very complex. Also, I like the speed, simplicity, and efficiency, as well as wonderful Hugo Pipes and its overall compatibility with any JS code you throw at it. Hugo + Alpine.js + Tailwind CSS combo is the best, in my opinion.

Visit the website at:

I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thank you.


Pass your site through to test for accessibility issues.

Thank you. Such a nice tool. Much better than what Lighthouse produces.