Incremental Build


Is there any possibility to have an incremental build for Hugo?

What do you mean by “incremental build”?

Hello @bep ,

I was referring to a build that generates only the subset of HTML files that needed to be updated based on the changes made content folder (md/html files).

In my new project, I’m going to have 300k (this number going to increase) pages, and I need to update around 100K pages data every week, so I wanted to have an incremental build, which will only update these 100K pages without modifying other 200K pages.

So do we have any possibility of this?

I have droddled a little around this over here:

I can add that the upcoming Hugo version will be much more effective with larger data sets (and with much I mean … much).


Hello @bep ,

That’s great, thank you so much for the quick reply.
Hopefully, soon this feature will be added in upcoming releases.