Parallel page rendering/compiling

Hey guys,

I have to create a huge site with over 10 to 15k pages and all those pages show product data. This data is stored in json right now.

My questions is:
Can Hugo render the pages parallel? Or even on multi core support? I mean its fast as you said in your doc, but if I build/compile my site does it work parallel?

Also can Hugo compile only changed files, so it supports caching. I think it does am I correct?

Hope I formulated my question right if something is unclear fell free to ask!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:
Cheers Rudolf

Hugo renders pages in parallel and will use multiple cores to do it.
Hugo does not yet only re-render changed files. It’s possible, but it’s quite complicated to do correctly as so many possible changes (changes to meta data, template, etc) can affect a majority or all of the pages. We optimized for this case since it’s actually quite common in practice.

Thanks for your quick reply! :slight_smile:
Is there a way to start the rendering like --watch and it will during my work update the changes?

For “live update”:

hugo server -w

All this should be in the docs.