Bug? Feature? Parameter I don't know yet?

I have a quite large page with lot’s of pagination going on so rebuilding the site live with hugo server takes about 20s of earth time. When I change things inside of these 20s it waits until the first 20s rebuild is done and then do the other rebuild. Now my way of doing things is to rush through multiple files and change things around. My editor changes file on “lost focus” meaning I click another files tab and the file from before is saved.

This results in plenty of cascading builds. Each seemingly on top of each other.

I would understand if a rebuild is scheduled when I change a file, then when I change another file this previous rebuild should be “killed” or if I change two files while the first build is running the second build is doing ALL changed files in between. But it seems like Hugo collects my changes in a FIFO queue and then build, and rebuilds until all the single files are worked through.

Anyway. It adds up in time and sometimes I wait some minutes until Hugo looped through all the updates. Is there a way to force Hugo to stop doing what it does when I save a file? That would basically be optimal.

Or how about a shortcut that can be used on a running hugo server instance to completely reload (without killing it and restarting)?

How are you currently running hugo server? Plain, or with options?

no options. sometimes I use the debugging options that give info about what templates could be cached. I don’t use the option to “fully rebuild” (disable fast render?).

Gotcha. My only idea is to run hugo server -h and play around with those options. But sounds like you already have

I think the best option is to finally outsource my “theme” into it’s own theme with a nice minimum website for testing changes… but I am soo lazy :wink:

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