Is there a way to ask hugo to be EXTRA explicit about page rendering?

Howdy, All!

I was hoping there’s a not ugly way to ask hugo to "render everything, AND when building ( a page / bundle/ site / what have you…) please tell me in pedantic detail what templates / partials/ content were used, in what order, and were pulled in by what resource.

essentially wanting to make sure I understand how things are being coalesced. and guessed that there is probably a way to output this if hugo is asked nicely…

is this a thing? if not… should it be?

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No. But I’m in the final stages of some work that may give you a better view. That said, the work I’m doing is motivated by getting rid of some of the issues we have with server rebuilds and, especially deeply nested transitive content/dependencies. As in, We want to rebuild as little as possible, but we need to make sure that it’s complete.

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Thank you, truly, for sharing your brain with us :wink:

something that might be helpful for people
(while you have your hands in the engine bay anyways)

say I’m wanting to optimize a partial/template/shortcode.

having a way of building every invocation of (sprocket_I_want_to_improve) with ( (sprocket_I_want_to_improve) (sprocket_I_am_improving) )
and compare the differences
(are there any functional difrference in the end result? )
(did the change improve build time?)

obviously, the thread is long and snags easily, and is likely to never really come free… there’s definitely a point of diminishing returns… however I suspect somewhere between ‘nothing at all’ and ‘divination’ :slight_smile: there’s a sweet spot of sugar vs complexity…

(or at least, that’s where my head went… fwiw)