Ignore link errors

Is it possible to ignore specific types of error when running hugo? Specifically, I want to temporarily ignore cross-reference link errors when the link target does not exist.

As a general rule, I don’t think that unresolved links should be considered critical errors that break the build, which currently seems to be the case.
Currently the only way I have around this is to use standard Markdown or HTML code to create the cross-reference links, instead of using the Hugo ref or relref shortcodes, which produce the errors.

No. You could ignore the exit code, of course.

I tried that, but the problem is that hugo seems to stop the build processing when it cannot find the link target of a ref or relref shortcode, and the build output doesn’t contain all the necessary files.

OK, that doesn’t sound right. Could you file a GitHub issue for that?

Yes. I’ll try to reproduce with a concise clean test to verify, and then I’ll file an issue. 10x.

OK, so good news, it turns out that the hugo build does not break when ref or relref references a non-existing site page; I previously tested several issues together and something must have muddled the test.

Is there documentation of the hugo error codes?