Ignore single page errors?


So whenever I have a single post that has a wrong syntax, the whole compilation would fail. Preventing other posts from being updated too. Is there a more fault tolerant mode where it could continue compiling other pages?

Coz I’ve setup continuous deliver in Azure and I’m not immediately notified when something is wrong. People don’t always run the Hugo command locally. Instead they just direct edit on Git webpage

Setup your CI build to check the exit status of Hugo. If an error occurs, hugo should exit with non-zero exit code.

I wanted to do that too, but that would increase maintenance cost, need to have test system setup before pull request etc.

So instead of having that, a much lighter approach is just to ignore single post errors, and have logs ready to investigate failure reasons when a certain post isn’t showing up. Is it something easy to do? If you could point me to the relevant code, i could take a look and see if I can add it myself.

Hugo only stops building on fatal errors and we are pretty happy about the current solution. If you have concrete examples of situations you feel should have “survived” the build, please open a GitHub issue.