How to supress "page not found" error?

I have some markdown files, which I want to automatically process to the hugo-ready format. Particularly. I change hyperlinks to this format. I have some include files from another repo in my hugo project. These files contain relative links, which lead to REF_NOT_FOUND error. How to supress this error and load a 404 page for dead links?

Your question is not very clear, but it sounds like your markdown has something like:

[Foo]({{< relref "/" >}})

By default, if the target does not exist, Hugo will throw an error when building the site, causing the build to fail.

You can change the error to a warning in your site configuration, and specify a URL to use when the warning is triggered. For example:

refLinksErrorLevel = 'warning'
refLinksNotFoundURL = '/404'


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