I want to add a link to an .md page I wrote that has Terms of Service. How can I link to that in the footer?

Here’s my code for the footer.html:

<footer class="footer">
    <div class="container footer__container flex">
        {{ partial "footer_links.html" . }}
        <div class="footer__copyright">
            &copy; {{ now.Format "2006" }} {{ .Site.Params.copyright | default .Site.Title }}  
            <!-- <span class="footer__copyright-credits">{{ T "footer_credits" | safeHTML }}</span> --> 

Now, the file “terms.md” is in the content/ folder.
“footer.html” is in themes/mainroad/layouts/partials


I had the same problem with my site - my solution

  1. put the terms.md in content/pages directory
  2. then in config.toml I add under parama privacypolicy = "/pages/privacy-policy"

finally in the footer partial
<a href="{{ with .Site.Params.privacypolicy }} {{ . }}{{ end }}">Privacy</a>

When I click the link in footer, it brings me the Terms page, but just with the title and not the body. Ideas?

found the answer here: Raw HTML getting omitted in 0.60.0

Glad it worked …

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