How to link to a content page .md?

I created a new page in the content folder. -->

How can I link to this page in the footer?

I use the creative theme and created a footer. But I don’t know how to link to a specific
How does the link look like? I wrote in the footer.html a href link and wanted to link to my

That is my footer. But it’s not working. It shows only the “404 Not Found” page. I want to link to my privacy page, which I have in the content/pages folder.

{{ “” | safeHTML }}

        <a href="https://mywebsite/pages/privacy">
                <p class="privacy">{{ with .Site.Params.footer.privacy }}{{ . }}{{ else }}All content privacy {{.Now.Format "2006"}} {{ end }}</p></a>

Have a look at the cross-reference feature.