Creating terms and privacy

I trying to create Terms and Privacy Policy pages on my site.

Screenshot from 2020-07-19 20-12-14

How do I format it ^ better? Smaller font, space between the pipes?

Here’s the code in site-footer.html (using Zzo theme), located in /themes/zzz/layouts/partials/footer/:

<footer class="footer">
    {{ partial "footer/select-lang" . }}
    {{ partial "footer/links-social.html" . }}
    {{ partial "footer/go-to-top" . }}
    <hr />

    <div class="basicflex">
        {{ range $.Param "footerLinks" }}
            <a href="{{ .link }}" class="footer__link" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">{{ .name }}</a>
        {{ end }}
        <a href="{{ with .Site.Params.terms }} {{ . }} {{ end }}">Terms and Conditions</a> |
        <a href="{{ with .Site.Params.privacy }} {{ . }} {{ end }}">Privacy Policy</a>  

If I create a .md file in content/ or content/posts/ it will show up in the blog, which obviously not what I want.

Any help would be appreciated.

The size and spacing issue could be solved by using a custom CSS file.