Create link in subtitle of page

How do I link a page in subtitile?

I tried

subtitle: "[test]("

but it didn’t worked. Is there any other way to specify a link?

Yes it works, but with something like {{ .Params.subtitle | markdownify }}.

Or .RenderString | Hugo

Ho interesting, thanks for this discovery (for me) @nfriedli! Have you an example (not sure to understand clearly how it works)?

In my hugo.toml config file:

footer = """
Mon paragraphe de test:

- avec liste
- à puces

Et sa suite...

In my _default\baseof.html layout:

    {{ site.Params.footer | .RenderString }}

See also: Deprecate markdownify?

NB: Et merci pour!

Ok thanks, very interesting example and post about markdownify :thinking:

(Et merci aussi pour ton site, je n’avais pas vu les récents billets, trop bien !)

Thank you everyone <3

Is there an easy way to store this? Like in the content folder?

Where do I put this?

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