I think the ‘proposal’ option in the repo can be confusing

I think the ‘feature request/ Proposal’ option in the repo can also be confusing for non-devs like me, especially coming from Jekyll and thinking “this feature is missing in Hugo, let me request for it” but then you are sent back here.

Yea, well I think we (or at least I) draw the line where GitHub issues should somehow be actionable (e.g. a well described bugs). Proposals/feature requests can be that, but the problem with many of them is that they are very vague, which then ends up like a long and windy discussion …

Makes sense, but take this example I found in the closed issues. It could be a ‘proposal for hugo’ according to someone like me since Hugo also has GA built-in, but you thought otherwise. Perhaps you can tighten the meaning of what ‘ideas’ or ‘proposals’ you want in the repo to avoid confusion.

I use minimal analytics on my site and I was wondering if there is a way to incorporate it to Hugo and define it in the config file?

First, I’m glad that @nfriedli was able to answer your question:

Second, the proposal you submitted was a question, more appropriately asked here in the forum.

Finally, sometimes people submit proposals without first determining if the capability already exists, or if it can be easily achieved through configuration/modules. This forum is a pretty good place to ask those questions.

@jmooring a colleague posted it on GitHub using my account. I just noticed it in my issues since we share a GitHub account. So I got curious why it was closed.