Contributing to Hugo

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Hugo for a while now and also recently have been getting some exposure to go-lang. I’m not a very experienced developer (only started my first dev role a few weeks ago) but I’d like to help contribute to something I use, and also get a chance to improve my skills with go-lang while I am at it :slightly_smiling:

I did a quick search on this forum and I came across this topic asking the same question. I notice there are 2 tickets still open that were suggested:

It was also suggested that help is needed with tests. I’m happy to help in this regards as well, but the repo that was pointed to seems to be unmaintained now. In any case, I guess my questions are:

  1. What’s the process involved in tackling issues? Is there a way to assign an issue to a person so people don’t double up, or simply write a comment saying “yo, just letting everyone know I’ll be looking at this” or something along those lines?
  2. Would questions regarding tackling an issue (for example getting feedback/help) best be posted here in a topic - or as comments on the issue’s page?
  3. If tests are still something that the project needs help with, can someone point me in the right direction to get started? I have to say I’m a bit unfamiliar with this side of things (I’m guessing these are unit tests etc?) but I’m willing to help.


  1. Just add a comment to the issue in GH. We generally only assign tickets to the Hugo team members.
  2. Use the forums or Gitter to ask dev questions, esp. if they are newbie questions. We don’t need to create a bunch of noise in the GH issues.
  3. In Go, tests are placed in *_test.go files. Your best teacher will be to look at our existing tests. We follow standard Go testing practices, so look to the Go community for help getting your feet wet.

Good luck.

I appreciate the reply, thanks :slightly_smiling:

I’ll spend some time digging into the code a bit and from there I think I’ll take a look at the tests perhaps to start off with and go from there.

Also, check the GH issue labels we use, esp. the “exp/*” and “please contribute” labels.