I made a Tumblr importer

It’s still a work in progress, but here’s the beginning of my Tumblr importer:

The basic idea is that it takes the responses from the API (which are JSON) and converts them to TOML. The included theme is designed to look at the TOML and figure out what kind of post it is (link post, audio post, video post, etc.) and create the appropriate wrapper for it. Obviously, to use it yourself, you’ll want to add CSS etc.

My blog is the basis for this tool and it worked pretty well for me there: https://blog.carlmjohnson.net.

My plan is to do some more work to make it download images for permanent reference when I have time for it, but other pull requests would be welcome too.

I hadn’t seen https://discuss.gohugo.io/t/simple-tumblr-to-hugo-exporter/3651 until now. I think my project has two advantages and two disadvantages compared to it:


  • Written in Go not Python, which is the same as Hugo
  • Keeps the original API responses around in case you decide you want the information in them for your theme later


  • Theme must be customized to work with the “front matter-only” style pages.
  • I haven’t written the image downloader part yet
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It’s great to see all those tools emerging. I added your importer to the tools section in the docs.