Free tool to migrate from Tumblr to Hugo

Hey folks,
I built a tool that I am happy to share with you folks.

I am working on moving Gemnasium’s blog from Tumblr to Hugo. I didn’t want to copy & paste manually the content, dates, etc, so I wrote a tool that would do most of the work for me…and also output a CSV with the old and new URLs to help with redirecting traffic.

It creates an html file per post on Tumblr + the redirect.csv.

The code is not so great (it was not the point) but it works. It’s in Ruby. While I have decent Go chops, I’m massively faster in Ruby, hence the choice. Still trivial to get working and will save you time.

Without further ado, here’s the repo:


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Thanks for sharing @jipiboily :slightly_smiling:

I’ve added your migration script to the tools section in the docs.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: