Hugs - Platform for Static Sites

I’m working on the platform which can enhance your static websites.

The platform is the glue for different open source components like

Also, integrate the vendor’s products such as

All projects are under the MIT license.

The problem what I’m solving is to build open infrastructure around the static site generators such the Hugo to create more live websites. The main tasks that the platform solves are

  • handle HTML forms
  • manage links to external resources
  • identify users and provide a possibility to communicate with them
  • A/B testing

The platform’s site is made using the Hugo and is a live demonstration of currently available features. Its source code is here.

I spent much time to create MVP of a part of the components and use them in production in conjunction with my websites. Now it is time to share my experience with the Hugo community.

I need your feedback! Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire :pray: