Hugo with Learning Management System

Hello there!
I have a website made with Hugo. It is great for my tutorials.
What I would like is to add some “Learning Management” support. For example, my tutorials could be interspersed with questions, with points if you answer correctly, and tracking of your total score. Here is a quick drawing of what I am thinking:

What is your opinion on this? Should I use an external tool such as Moodle?
I really like the static approach of Hugo of keeping the articles in markdown, and if possible I would develop the questions in a similar format.

It seems that you would need some backend tools to support this.
Supabase - Auth, User Accounts, course progress DB, Q&A DB, etc.
Then maybe something like Alpine.js to help with some of the data transfer/mapping to and from the site and the backend.

I would probably use something like SvelteKit for a site like this, but it might be possible with Hugo and some helpers on the client and the backend.

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if you’re just looking for the content to provide formative feedback (and scores within a piece of content rather than tracking scores/completion across an entire course/program), you should be able to embed content like Articulate Rise on a Hugo page.