Hugo and xAPI

Hello Hugo community
I recently discovered Hugo, and must say I quite love its simplicity.

I’m working in corporate training and we’re often ask to build microsites. Hugo and its simplicity seems at first a good fit! One of my main requirement is to track progress, views, completion etc. using xAPI (aka experienced API), a sort of Google Analytics for learning. We usually achieve this by implementing the xAPI wrapper ( in our projects.

Anyone has ever work with Hugo and xAPI? If yes, could you share your experience?

Any recommandations or technical articles on Hugo and external API?

One last question, I’ve read that it’s not recommended to use pure HTML/JS on Hugo. However, I was wondering if it’s to tweak the markdown, for example, add a new object/value in the front matter or adding a data tag?

I’m not a developer, apologies if my questions sound silly.Thanks again for your help!


I wouldn’t follow that recommendation. I say go for it.

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I second this sentiment. :slight_smile: