Hugo for professionals/advanced users? Suggestion improving accessibility to Hugo

I am learning web dev (mostly JS) for 7 months, to do something new I tried out HUGO.
After 10 hours with HUGO, I can’t really appreciate it, because I never build complex website before, but clearly understand the big advance of such framework and of the templating technique.

Correct me if I am wrong, but HUGO is like niche product. It is not made for beginners, right?
If this is the case, this thread could be ignored, because I want to help to improve the docs for beginners.

I wanted to say, that the documentation was very difficult for me to understand, I wanted to get in touch
with HUGO and build very simple multi page website (games/news in navbar, index of all articles, each article has own page). To solve my problems I had to swing from one tutorial to another one.
I am not 100% sure but all the blogs/YT Videos I read/watched felt like they were made by web dev with over 5-10 years of experience, everything seemed so simple and logical for them.

It would be nice, if the community could create few case examples, like online magazine about games, news page and maybe a online shop?
Or make a “interview tutorial” where on of two participants is a HUGO veteran and the other one is a beginner.
For both I want to help out. I already built a simple games magazine, which is currently very ugly:
Maybe the HUGO Team would allow as to add some examples to the docs.
We could work together on a google doc and present first draft.

What do you think?
Improve docs with HUGO examples and make it friendlier for beginners?
Or is everything good like it is?

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I agree that Hugo has a higher than average learning curve. But once you learn it, it’s well worth it.

My advice for you: write the tutorial that you wish you had when you first started, then share that with the community.