Hugo themes overview not barrier-free for the visually disabled

Hi there!

The preview images of the themes cannot be scaled. That’s bad for people who are “almost blind” compared to general population. Results in unnerving clicking around on the page and the loading times aren’t appropriate for doing that as well. Please fix your CSS accordingly. It’s a show stopper.

love + respect

The main culprit is max-width: 384px; set on the a-tag that wraps the images.

This is a part of accessibility I have never considered before. Must check how my sites work in this regard.

As a stop gap measure, for this and all other sites that fail in this regard, have you tested the zoom functionality of your operating system?

I only know macOS in this regard and it has an excellent zoom functionality. My dad depended on it for the last 10 years of his life to read his newspaper and anything else.

System settings -> Accessibility -> Zoom

Sorry for the late answer. I never used the zoom functionality – and having to use it isn’t the barrier-free part really. However, I hope I contributed a bit. Unfortunately I cannot remember how to fix exactly that CSS problem any more. I am very impressed that you care so much about this issue. love + respect

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