Hugo theme for API documentation

Hi hugo friends,

is there an template like this ( for technical API documentation available?

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The theme looks really nice to document APIs. I’m not aware of a theme with the same layout (3 columns). This page lists all Hugo themes for docs. Maybe one of them fits your needs.

@aBuder When I go to the link, I don’t see anything. Can you point me to this repo?

Yes :slight_smile:

This theme in hugo would help many peoples and solve many problems.

@digitalcraftsman a Hugo Slate theme would be extremely nice …

I totally agree with you, but I already have a few dozen themes that also require some maintainance :wink:

If there is someone out there who wants to port this theme I’m willing to contribute and helping with questions around theme developement et cetera.

Very much just started and not remotely usable:

The Slate port to Hugo should now be in a usable state:

Note: The demo looks ugly due to missing Pygments (for code samples) on the theme build server. @spf13 will fix that, eventually.

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This theme and project look incredible. I’m really excited about this. I’m planning on moving the hugo site to another server so I’ll focus on getting pygments working right there.

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A retweet may help get some attention :slightly_smiling: