Hugo site is down on GitHub Pages

Hello, I have encountered an issue where my Hugo site works well on my local PC while fails to load on GitHub pages without obvious errors or warnings (see screenshots of the status on GitHub Actions). How can I troubleshoot and resolve it?

With the given information, the only solution available is to recheck your deployment with the GitHub pages deployment documentation.

Why are you building the site with Jekyll?


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Thanks for the reply. Actually my site worked well for several months. It fails to load since two weeks ago. Comparing with your link, in “.github/workflows/hugo.yaml”, I am using version 0.115.2 rather than the latest. Do you think this is a problem?

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This site worked well for several months and is down recently. I have no idea how Jekyll comes up. If this is a potential reason, do you have any suggestions how to correct it?

@jianhaizhang :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

You have two actions running on your repo:

  1. “pages-build-deployment” that tries to deploy a Jekyll site.
  2. “spatialHeatmap” (set up in .github/workflows/hugo.yaml) that deploy your Hugo site.

One overwrites the other on each deploy. Who wins seems to have changes, i.e. your site is broken.

If you look in your repo Settings -> Pages I suspect you have “Build and deployment → Source” set to “Deploy from branch”. That is wrong, change to “GitHub action”.

Then “pages-build-deployment” should be removed and your site should work.

See also: Automatically deploy Hugo site to GitHub pages with actions –

I works out. Thank you so much.