Hugo Page not rendering on github pages like locally

Hey. I’d appreciate if somebody could hint me what I am missing. I am trying to publish my hugo page with theme “hugo-profile” to my github pages. On github pages it does not render as expected though.

This is my repository and I have a gh-pages branch which is updated by my deploy action (.github/workflows/deploy.yml).

When I run the repo locally everything looks good:

And this is how it looks on the web/github pages

Things I tried:

  • deleted ph-pages branch and created a new one
  • changed ß to ss in filename of image
  • ran hugo and then pushed

What can I do that it actually renders the same? Does anybody have a hint what I am doing wrong?

You are serving the site from a sub dir. The theme you are using have a setting params staticPath that you need to set to make it work.

  staticPath: "/stabil-agil"

This works but are not needed if the theme uses hugo functions like relURL to build all URLs.

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Thank you!

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