Unable to apply styles on hugo site hosted on github pages

Hi everyone. I am working on a website that should be hosted on Github Pages. Everything worked fine until i pushed it to the repo. Ever since i am unable to apply any styles to my html. By that i mean i am unable to link to the stylesheet but also adding style properties inline doesn’t do anything. When i load it on my localhost i will get these errors:

I am aware that this question came up quite a lot in this forum but i’m quite new to hugo and can’t seem to figure it out in my own code, hence would be extremely grateful for any hints that might get me to solve it since i’ve been stuck with it for a week now.

Link to repo

All my best and thank you in advance!

you have a /public folder, that has content of many runs of hugo --server in your repo.
looks like that garbles up most of your stuff.

Delete the public folder and do a fresh hugo --server all but the first error will disappear

Reason: hugo does not clean that up only adds files to public but won’t delete files already there (you may use --cleanDestinationDir to do that at every run)

one warning left - but this is obvious just a typo in your head partial.

you won’t get a homepage but your contact and imprint pages are accessible

btw your published site has styles :wink:

thanks a lot! you just pushed me a good step forward