Hugo Sever nothing displays on new site build


Hope you are well.

So bit of background I have a site I have been developing based off of an HTML theme. The requirements for the site are a load of static pages and a forum.

So my approach was download the theme add the content (this includes blogs) then edit the CSS and fonts. I like the general layout.

So it got me thinking about Hugo.

I have been following this tutorial

This is due to the fact I purely want to cover the site from HTML and CSS (Some JS) to Hugo i.e I don’t want a base theme to start.

Here is my issue I followed as the tutorial suggests and dug around online in various places and I can#t get the page to display in Hugo Server at all.

I have tried adding CSS SCSS and JS to the static folder

I have tried adding imgs etc to the assets folder

I have made a header and footer partials html files and I have added a single.html file with

{{ partial "header.html" . }}

{{ .Content }}

{{ partial “footer.html” . }}

Nothing displays can someone tell me where I am going wrong and or what I am missing?

Here is a Zip of my entire Hugo Directory

The Static Old folder holds the current html site

This is a newbie talking, but in the zip file you shared there is nothing in content. Your single.html is just a template, but you have nothing in content to which this template can be applied. Try creating something like content/posts/post_1/ and then you should see something at localhost:1313/posts/post_1 .

Make sure that you have content in your /contents directory. For a minimum try the following:

add contents/

title: Homepage

Homepage content