Hugo on Windows

Has any data has been collected on how Windows users use Hugo? Currently a search of this forum reveals:

  1. 3 results for Git Bash;
  2. 1 result for Git for Windows; and
  3. 1 result for Cygwin.

How many Windows users use Hugo by means of IDEs? (I don’t yet know how to search for them.)

We have at least one person on our project who is attempting to use Hugo on Windows…he has bumped his head on an issue with file path delimiters (noted here -

As far as IDE’s go, my text editor of choice is Atom (which is cross-plat and works delightfully on Windows), but I also have much love for Visual Studio Code, and eventually I’ll probably switch to it :slight_smile:

The way to fix Windows path issues is to report them on GitHub.

Already done. I meant to include the link to the other issue in here too :slightly_smiling:

I use Hugo on Windows with PowerShell and Sublime (markdown editing) and Brackets (html/css), if that helps.

I use Hugo on Windows. I use the provided binaries.

I have a similar setup. Atom for editing (although if the markdown files get large-ish mainly because of code, markdown preview slows everything down so I do not use that).