Windows Terminal Not Working


I was following this tutorial:

And, it’s not working. I have the hugo.exe in C:\Hugo\bin\hugo.exe and my PATH has also been set like the instructions specified. But, when I type hugo help, I get:'hugo' is not recognized as an internal or external command error. If I open my command prompt in the C:\Hugo\bin folder, hugo help works fine. So, it seems like the PATH is not working for some reason.

Note: I’m using Windows 10.

Could you please tell me what I can do?

It works now!

What I did:
So, I changed the path from C:\Hugo\bin\hugo.ex which the tutorial told me to use to using just C:\Hugo\bin. I don’t know if the instructions are wrong or if my Window’s is being weird but I think it would be a good idea for someone too look over the instructions provided at:

Thanks for the issue report, and sorry for your troubles.

I created this issue to track a fix: