Hugo and self-hosting

I’m pretty sure I’ve just been kicked out of netlify without notice, for political reasons.
So it seems I’ll have to rely on self-hosting.
Does someone know about that, in short what to do from your site deployed in /public or wherever, the steps until people can reach an adress on the web ?
I mean, I know about buying a domain name, but the server aspect, not all.
Some documentation perhaps in relation with hugo sites would be nice :wink: so I can get started

Search for how to host plain html.

One of the big points of static site generators like Hugo is that the output is plain html/css/js.

That it is generated from Hugo has no impact on the hosting of the generated files.

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Many alternatives to Netlify are available, I would recommend the French nonprofit Framasoft, providing Gitlab Pages and a fancy subdomain looking like

Another nonprofit, Riseup, also enabled Gitlab Pages recently.

I wrote articles on both of them: and raw HTML is another solution:

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I just saw I needed

relativeurls = true
uglyurls = true

It’s all well and dandy now :smile: thanks !

@Mehdi_Saada kindly use the “support” tag for support questions. Tips & Tricks serves a different purpose.


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