Hugo in TrueNAS SCALE

I’m building up a server at home running TrueNAS SCALE and wanted to also have my personal webpage running on it. Now TrueNAS SCALE comes with so called “Apps” where most of the stuff is running in, but there is also support for Docker Container, as far as I know.
There would also be the option to run a VM and with all those options I don’t know, which one should I pick? Is there a recommended way to run HUGO on TrueNAS SCALE? Does somebody have experience with this?
Thanks for reading trough and I hope we can figure something out!

Does it have a web server, e.g Apache or Nginx?

If it does, the simplest approach would be to build your site on your own machine and then copy the built static site to your NAS’ webserver. Bogging down your NAS with a development environment would be sub-optimal IMO.

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No Apache or Nginx as far as I know, but the static app might be something. Are HUGO webpages static or dynamic?

Btw. here is the list of available apps, if somebody wants to take a look, I don’t know every app so it might be that there is one perfect for this use case and I just did not recognize it. The most promising one for me seems to be static.

Hugo is a tool that generates static html. Dumping the html on your NAS somewhere will only be part of the solution though, you’d also have to make those files accessible to the public web. Personally, I would not want my NAS to be accessible outside my LAN. There’s dozens of ways to host static html sites for free, easily, without potentially compromising your network security, I’d be doing that.

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