If you use Apache, is Hugo still static?

On a VPS, if you use Apache virtual server, is Hugo still static or is it served dynamically by Apache?

Sorry, I’m still learning, and just trying to wrap my head around it.

It will always be static.

So does that mean that I have to install Hugo (or Hugo server) on the VPS?

No, it is static – so just copy the files below /public.

To elaborate on @bep’s answer:

No, you don’t need to install Hugo on your server. You install it on your local machine, edit your content, generate a static site (which as he points out gets written by default to a folder called public). You then copy this over to your server to be served by something like Apache. Hugo is not part of the story there.

Ah! The way we had to do it, way back in the good old sepia-toned black and white days, before all this fancy schmancy PHP <shudder!>, Databases and Content Management came along and broke the internets.

Uploading one of my websites on the old Babbage Difference Engine, Mark III. Back in '47"

The way God intended.