Why Hugo v0.35 keeps ignoring my subfolder


I started a project long time ago, so probably a lot has changed.
Project is placed at https://github.com/mblataric/logonweb/tree/develop
I have Hugo v0.35 on macOS installed with brew.

I added new folder to my project at content/programska-rjesenja/financijsko-poslovanje and everyhing in that folder is not generated in public folder (nor it is accessible in hugo server -D).

I tried various combinations of _index.md, setting front matter in different ways, but whatever I do, hugo never process files under financijsko-poslovanje.

I am not getting any errors on build, only warn about language features which I am not using.
This is my current output log:
INFO 2018/02/02 13:58:14 Using config file: /Users/mblataric/Projects/Hugo/logonweb/config.yaml
Building sites … INFO 2018/02/02 13:58:14 syncing static files to /Users/mblataric/Projects/Hugo/logonweb/public/
WARN 2018/02/02 13:58:14 No translation bundle found for default language "en"
WARN 2018/02/02 13:58:14 Translation func for language en not found, use default.
WARN 2018/02/02 13:58:14 i18n not initialized, check that you have language file (in i18n) that matches the site language or the default language.
INFO 2018/02/02 13:58:14 found taxonomies: map[string]string{“tag”:“tags”, “category”:“categories”}

               | EN  

Pages | 16
Paginator pages | 0
Non-page files | 0
Static files | 41
Processed images | 0
Aliases | 0
Sitemaps | 1
Cleaned | 0

It says 16 pages, but on disk there are no pages from financijsko-poslovanje.


Hm, getting back to this after couple of hours and content is now being generated.

Are there some caching involved that needs to be reseted when new content is added?