Hugo serve: Sometimes sub pages render, sometimes they don't

Something very strange is happening. I’m using hugo_extended_0.55.6_Windows-64bit and the problem is sometimes a content page renders and sometimes it doesn’t. Quite literally I can restart hugo serve and it will work, and other times it wont.

It’s only affecting the content in a subdirectory. Like this:


I can navigate to /services/ perfectly fine and content renders. But when I try to navigate to /services/test/ sometimes it works, others it don’t.

I’ve also tried:


So confused and I don’t know what more I can add. Also tried:

hugo serve --ignoreCache --noHTTPCache


You need to read up on different bundle types in Hugo; the short version: rename “” to “” and you should be good.


Thank’s bep. What’s strange is that sometimes it was creating the page even though my was missing the _. Used hugo for a while and it still throws me off sometimes. :+1:

Yes, that is the “magic” of parallel processing.