How do I change the name of the Tags page


I have looked through Hugo docs and found some information on taxonomies and where tags are generated (on my theme it appears to be ‘terms’ layout).

But I can’t seem to change my headings from ‘Tags’ to something else, like, what I want is to call the Tags page ‘IDEAS - My Service Design Framework’

Tags | Small Design Engagements is my page you can see what I mean.

(I am aware the way I am using ‘tags’ is not in the true sense of the word. Basically I have a set of five tags and they correspond to my design framework, there will be no other tags than these five tags on the site)

I am new to Hugo and more of a Analyst/Designer than a coder, so please bear with me.

You can do this by creating a file content/tags/ and put a title:

title: "IDEAS"

See Taxonomy Templates | Hugo

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