Hugo for documentation work in OSX

Thought I’d share a short summary of my day. I didn’t initially think I would use Hugo for this, but I’m glad I did.

So, I had this piece of software to document. Text, screenshots and images. It ended up around the 20 pages mark. And I just loved the work flow:

  1. hugo new site . --force
  2. ln -s /Users/bep/dev/hugo/hugoThemes themes
  3. hugo server -t lanyon

Then I open the site in a browser, and drag the green button into the corner and select my Byword app with my document open as the second view in this split view setup (a new feature in OSX El Capitan).

I then write, write, swipe left to fetch images, swipe right to edit and view the content, resize images … All live-updated in the browser and looking smashingly good.

In this case, ironically, it all ended up copy-pasted into a Word document. But I can not imagine doing all of this editing directly in Word. It would have taken me much longer, for starter


Nice. Anything to stay away from Word!

Great suggestion. I’m still impressed with it after a couple of days using this combination.