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Dear all!

Hi I’m really a noob who likes hugo!

I recently started to work on writing a book just for fun to publish it online and see if it works or not. Right now my toolchain consist of following tools:

  • I wrote sections using Markdown
  • I use Pandoc to convert it to latex for compiling it to pdf. It also gives me to ability to have a proper pdf with decent layout and style.
  • I use hugo as static site generator for online version of my book.

As far as I’ve played with hugo I’m not sure what is the best practice for publishing documentation and specially books. So please provide me with a guide line or something to help do this in a correct way

Hi. What are you looking to do with your online book?

Generate a table of contents?

Page forward and page backward?

Chapter forward and chapter backward?

Will it be mostly text or will there be images?

Hugo has support for these, so let us know if you’re after this or other stuff.


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@michael_henderson thanks for you reply. and sorry for my late response.
I just want to make a pleasant read experience and I don’t need any buying or searching or anything dynamic.
TOC is good and I also need TOC to be available as a menu, just like Hugo’s documentation.
Page and Chapter forward and backward are good to have, but not necessary at start.
The book is mostly text and each chapter has two or more pictures.
So if Hugo support all these features I would wish for nothing more, and I must start diving deeper into Hugo to make myself fluent with all of these.

Thanks again!

Hi @abyz,

If the current Hugo documentation contains most or all the features you need for your on-line book, you may want to clone and look inside docs/ and use that as a guide. @spf13 has done a great job getting the TOC and navigation work so nicely, and I am still learning wonderful tricks from it daily. :slight_smile:

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@anthonyfok Thanks, This is what I’m doing right now!

@anthonyfok @michael_henderson
Just to start I’ve copied entire documentation of Hugo and tried to do staff with it. But unfortunately all bodies are in the menu section and I don’t know what is wrong.
I’ve cloned git repository and my Hugo version is 0.12. Any ideas?

P.S. do Hugo have an IRC channel?

Update: I found the source of problem and it is rectified

In lieu of IRC, there’s a slack channel. You can request an invite on this thread.

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