Hugo - Extended Upgrade

I am using AWS Cloud9 (Amazon Linux2) to run my Hugo site. I have the binary for the latest Hugo version downloaded (untarred, placed in a ~/bin directory)(hugo_0.87.0_Linux-32bit.tar.gz). However, my theme (Airspace) uses SCSS, and I recently found that I need the extended version to modify the SCSS – and view the changes when I serve the site locally.

How do I upgrade from 0.87.0 to the extended version? Or, even, if I need to start from scratch, how do I download/install from the CLI the extended version?

Hugo “simple” and extended versions are not that different that you would “upgrade” from one to the other. Simply download hugo_extended_<version>_<platform>.<extension> instead of hugo_<version>_<platform>.<extension> (note the extended part in former), unzip and run it against your site the same way you would with “simple” version. It just works.

As to how to download from CLI, I don’t know if there’s a universal path to latest package, but you can use curl shell command to download it from GitHub.

Thank you @jzeneto ! I feel like an idiot because I didnt realize the extended release was in the releases area. I thought it was an add-on found elsewhere.