Distributing extended version only?

Disclaimer: I suspect this question has been asked several times during the development of Hugo, but I couldn’t find a similar topic here and on GitHub. Sorry for the noise if this was already addressed long ago.

Back to the issue: Currently I see two versions of Hugo distributed: Basic and Extended. The latter adds some SASS/SCSS processing capability to the former. Yet when I check the sizes of both versions, I do not see a big difference to justify such a distinction.

Couldn’t we just distribute with the extended version? Is there any other reason to keep both as of today?

In a GitHub Discussion about the Cloudflare Pages build image, @bep explained this:

The only reason we have two versions is that we don’t have a build/release setup for all OSes for the extended version (e.g. we currently do not build the extended version for OpenBSD etc.).


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