Decap CMS setup with custom authentication backend and database

Hello there,

I am interested in using the decap CMS, as it is one of the many CMS platforms that now support Hugo. While these CMS options are initially appealing, they often interfere with the essential frontmatter of Hugo and can lead to limitations. My objective is to have my Hugo repositories hosted on GitHub and utilize a customized application that enables users to work with Hugo websites without requiring a GitHub account or similar prerequisites.

I am seeking a skilled individual who can develop a secure and reliable custom app that grants me, as the administrator, control over the process, rather than simply pushing everything to the repository. Ideally, clients should be able to push their changes to a staging branch, allowing me to manually merge them into the main branch.

Could you please provide me with a quotation in euros and an estimate of the time required for such a project?

Thank you.

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Hi there, can you please send an email to so we can set up some time to dive deeper into your requirements? That will help us get a better understanding to put together some pricing for you. For context, I run a software development agency called Alora Labs. Can you can find more info here:

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Thanks @aloralabs

I have already sent you an email along with my Skype ID. However, I didn’t notice any mention of expertise in Hugo, Decap CMS, or general headless and static site development on your website.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this project further through a Skype call. This way, we can determine if we are a good fit for working together.

Thank you

Hi @Steveo ,

I have sent you a personal message regarding my estimated hourly rate and contact information.

I have 7+ years of static site development experience using Hugo and Jekyll. I have worked extensively in Netlify CMS ( now Decap CMS ) and Forestry CMS ( now ) with Hugo custom built websites.

Decap CMS was launched quite recently and I am still testing its viability along with other open source CMS options built for SSGs like Hugo. So, even though I don’t have production experience in Decap CMS I have extensive experience in integration of Hugo and other CMS with git workflow. I will be able to workout the best solution for your use case using Decap CMS.

Git workflow will be there since data needs to be somewhere. CMS will be just for the frontend portion. However, I can make this workflow easy to manage as per your branch merging requirement.

It will be better if we connect regarding this project so I can provide a better estimate for time and money for this project and other related projects.

Let us connect over chat ( text, audio, video ) to discuss the project. You can interview me on my Hugo and CMS deployment skills.

Please feel free to ask any questions.
I look forward to your response.

Thank you
Akash Kumar Sharma
Delhi, Bharat

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