Hugo 0.56.1: i18n override stopped working?

We were using the beautifulhugo theme with i18n.
We copied the i18n folder from the theme to the root and made our text customisations there.
In v0.55.6 this worked in that the customised versions were used, overriding the theme i18n files.

Since upgrading to v0.56.1 and making no other changes now the strings are coming from the theme i18n files and the root/i18n ones are being ignored.

My mistake and I’m sorry about that. I had added a specific test for this, but looking at it now, the test is slightly wrong, which made it pass …

Are you sure this was fixed because I got into the same problem today with 0.62 when I created a i18n/en.yaml and wrote an override value, hopping to override what was inside the theme. Still, it seems that the theme is displaying its own string instead of my override value.