[SOLVED] Multilanguage .toml lookup order

Hello there,
while working on a multilanguage site I sow that while the lookup order seems to be consistent everywhere, this is not the case with multilanguage i18n translations.

For example, while defining a new multilanguage theme that use i18n translations files, I would like to be able to override few of those translations, already defined in the theme, while creating the site that use that theme.

Am I wrong about something?

My best

Wrong about what? You tell us what you want, but not what you see.

this is the directory structure of the site:

├── en.toml
└── it.toml
├── en.toml
└── it.toml

If i define a translation for a term in the theme’s en.toml, .e.g.

other = "Your claim"

I would like to be able to locally override that term translation in the site’s en.toml.

other = "Grow your own"

What I see is this error message:

Change detected, rebuilding site
2018-06-18 12:56:31.863 +0200
i18n changed "/.../hugo-yaut-theme/i18n/en.toml": WRITE
ERROR 2018/06/18 12:56:31 Failed to load translations in file "en.toml": (19, 2): duplicated tables
Total in 9 ms
panic: html/template: cannot Clone "" after it has executed


WHat is the output of hugo version? Assuming you have the latest Hugo, I would need to see the full source to understand what is going on. What you want should just work, and we have plenty of tests for it.

hugo version is v0.42.1

I’ll test it again…just to be sure about the error and let yo know…

thanks for your time…

IT was my fault…a double entry in the same en.toml

Sorry about that…