Howto: Manually control Summary


One learns something by reading the code.

Insert <!–more–> in the content page after “the summary”.

This way it also keeps the formatting. Now my index page looks kind of nice.


Seriously how this is not in the site documentation?? I have been searching this for hours!!!

It is.

Also, the search does an exellent job in this case:

oh, I was trying to search the doc with “Markdown” and that didn’t come up. As I am not creating template, but just want to know how to do it in my *.md file. I don’t even know that part is call “summary”.

Luckily this post come up when I was typing my post title. Some how the search in this forum is very good. LOL.

It’s a pain but, the best thing is to read the docs top to bottom, and kind of collect up the ideas that resonate with you. I would say that searching on “markdown” is probably too general since it’s such a big part of how hugo works. Anyway, good luck! :slight_smile: